Do babies and young children need pillows for healthy sleep?

Do babies and young children need pillows for healthy sleep?

If you don’t know about parenting, you will really suffer!

In the smallest case, you fail to take good care of your baby, and in the worst case, it affects your baby's health!

After the baby is born, many parents will struggle with one question: whether or not to use a pillow for the baby?

This may seem like a small problem, but it is a big problem for your baby’s appearance and development!

01/ The old man’s habit of taking care of his baby can cause spinal injuries to his baby

This is something Guo’s mother heard about recently in her hometown.

Xiao Hu's daughter is less than 6 months old and has always felt that the baby's hand strength is not very strong. Once when the baby was sick, Xiao Hu took the baby to the hospital for medical treatment and asked the doctor this question.

The doctor discovered that something was wrong with the baby, so he arranged for a check-up, and later found out that the baby's spine was damaged, but fortunately it was not serious.

She was healthy when she was born, and there were no external injuries on weekdays, so she looked for reasons in the feeding, and finally focused on the child's pillow.

Xiao Hu's mother-in-law is a relatively superstitious person. She firmly believes in "sit back and relax" and hopes that the baby will become a learned person in the future. Therefore, since the baby was born, she has been using books as pillows for the baby, and the books are relatively thick.

The mother-in-law regretted it endlessly. Her own two sons actually grew up with books on their backs, and nothing happened. She didn't think about it and caused her granddaughter to be hurt.

02/ Do babies need pillows?

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of pillows for infants.

First, it is to avoid the risk of suffocation, because babies are not flexible when turning over, and if their mouth and nose are covered by pillows, the consequences will be disastrous.

Secondly, the spine of a baby is different from that of an adult. The adult spine has four bends. The bend in the neck is called cervical curvature. After lying down, a gap will form between the cervical curvature and the bed, so a pillow is needed to fill it.

However, when the baby is in the womb, the spine is curled up in a "C" shape, and the spine is straight after birth. If you use a pillow for the baby at this time, it is equivalent to forcibly bending the baby's spine, thus affecting the development of the spine.

Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use pillows for babies younger than 1 year old.

03/ The difference between babies sleeping on pillows and not sleeping on pillows is really obvious.

In fact, the difference between whether the baby uses pillows when he is a baby and whether he uses a pillow when he grows up is quite obvious.

First, there is the difference in head shape.

The older generation likes "flat heads" and thinks that children with flat heads are smart. But whether a child's brain is smart or not is not changed by changing the shape of the head.

Big flat head actually really affects appearance and appearance.

Second, there are health disparities.

Many parents only know how to sleep on their baby's head, but ignore the height and hardness of the pillow, which can cause damage to the baby's spine. This kind of health disparity is something that no parent is willing to face.

04/ 2 special circumstances, babies also need to use pillows

Of course, babies don’t need pillows, and it depends on the situation.

The first situation is that the baby really needs a sleeping head shape.

When Pistachio was a child, the back of his head was too round, so the doctor suggested that he should be given a slight head rest.

If your baby's head shape is lopsided, you need to use a pillow to shape it.

In the second case, the baby wears thick clothes.

In winter, some places do not have heating, and parents like to wear sleeping bags for their children, which will increase the height of the baby's back. Without a pillow, the baby's head is equivalent to being lowered. In this case, you can prepare a pillow for the baby that is about the same thickness as the sleeping bag to balance the height.

05/ How to choose a pillow for your baby?

Pillows for infants and young children cannot be replaced by parents just looking for towels or cotton pillows. Because parents need to consider various factors such as risk and comfort.

First, is the choice of pillow height.

If a baby under 1 year old must use a pillow, the pillow should be of no height, or as high as the sleeping bag. If you are older than 1 year old, you can choose a 2-3cm pillow. The width of the pillow should be about the same as the width of the child's shoulders.

Secondly, is the choice of pillow core material.

Pillow cores that are too soft are definitely not allowed, such as fluffy cotton, duck down and other pillow cores. These materials can easily block the baby's mouth and nose, causing suffocation.

The material of the pillow core needs to be suitable for softness and hardness, good air permeability, strong hygroscopicity, and easy to clean, because babies have a strong metabolism and sweat easily.

Therefore, the pillow core can be made of buckwheat husk, grain husk, sun-dried tea leaves, etc.

A pillow that is too hard can easily wear down your baby's hair, causing pillow baldness, which may be mistaken for calcium deficiency.

06/ Message from Pistachio Mom

The bodies of infants and young children are delicate. Even the pillows we take for granted actually contain a lot of knowledge. Parents must not ignore them!

Source: Pistachio Mom

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