Crazy Slimming 20 kg, Popular Japanese Cabbage Recipe

Crazy Slimming 20 kg, Popular Japanese Cabbage Recipe

Now let's take a look at the cabbage weight loss recipe. 

Cabbage's 4 slimming powers 

100g only has 30 calories, and it also has excellent slimming, healthy, and beautiful therapeutic effects. Not eating is definitely a loss! 

1. Low calorie intake can also inhibit fat absorption. 

Enhance satiety and eat more without exceeding calorie limits! And the vitamin U contained in it can effectively inhibit fat absorption! 

2. Reduce fire and swelling, remove heat and detoxify. 

Cabbage can eliminate pathogenic heat and relieve fatigue. When used in spring and winter, it can quickly remove toxins and avoid the accumulation of toxins in the body. 

3. Enhance immunity, beauty and beauty. 

Rich in vitamin C, it can enhance immunity and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Coupled with special physiological active proteins, it can help skin regeneration and wound healing, and has a skincare and beauty effect! 

4. Reduce blood sugar. 

Cabbage contains ingredients that promote insulin secretion, help control blood sugar and prevent diabetes. 

Cabbage slimming method 

The cabbage slimming method, as the most orthodox method, is advocated by Dr. Toshio Yoshida from Kyoto Prefecture Medical University in Japan and is actually used to guide obese patients as a therapy. Dr. Yoshida implemented this therapy on patients and achieved significant therapeutic effects. The so-called cabbage slimming refers to a simple slimming method of consuming cabbage before three meals a day. 

The secret of cabbage slimming down 

1. Be sure to eat about 1/6 cabbage before dinner every day; 

2. Eating raw or adding lemon juice is most effective; 

3. If you're not used to eating raw, you can put the cabbage in the microwave and heat it for 2 minutes; 

4. At the same time, it is necessary to consume 70g of tofu/fish/milk/eggs/meat per day, and staple foods such as rice should be reduced by two-thirds compared to usual; 

5. It is best to use sesame oil or olive oil as cooking oil.

Can't other vegetables except cabbage work? 

Besides cabbage, vegetables such as lettuce and celery are also feasible. When choosing other vegetables, as long as it is a pre meal salad with a feeling of fullness, it is also beneficial for weight loss. 

Cabbage is a food that can be purchased all year round, and it is not an expensive vegetable. Although there are many slimming foods and adjunctive drugs available now, compared to others, cabbage is more practical. Combined with perseverance, we will definitely succeed. 

Precautions for Cabbage Slimming 

Losing weight with cabbage does not mean eating cabbage alone. That way, it will only cause malnutrition. The so-called cabbage slimming is to use the feeling of fullness in a pre meal dish to achieve the function of controlling appetite. It is important to ensure adequate intake of nutrients for staple foods. And balancing three meals a day is the most important thing. 

It is best not to pour any seasoning when eating cabbage, but it will be difficult to swallow. Not easy to persist. However, it should be noted that mayonnaise cannot be used because its high calorie content is a major enemy of weight loss. If seasoning is necessary, soy sauce, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and oil-free seasoning can be used. Then, when eating cabbage, be sure to chew it slowly, chew it slowly, chew it slowly... This is the best way to eliminate the feeling of fasting. 

Cabbage Top secret slimming method can quickly lose 10 pounds per week 

Monday: Cabbage soup+fruit (banana NG) 

Tuesday: Cabbage soup+vegetables without oil at all (can be eaten raw or boiled in water) 

Wednesday: Cabbage soup+fruits+vegetables (eat until full) 

Thursday: Cabbage soup+skim milk+three bananas (remember to drink plenty of water) 

Friday: Cabbage soup+meat+6 tomatoes 

Saturday: cabbage soup+beef+vegetables other than rhizomes (i.e. potatoes, cauliflower, etc. cannot be eaten) 

Sunday: Cabbage soup+Xuan rice+vegetables+fruits 

Why eat cabbage before meals? 

This is because eating cabbage before a meal can reduce the feeling of fasting, effectively control appetite, and be beneficial for weight loss. 

Choose raw cabbage as much as possible for pre meal consumption. Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, and the heating process can destroy vitamin C. 

Vitamin C, which is easily insufficient in weight loss, cannot be consumed during this process. 

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, which is a necessary vitamin to resist skin sagging. If you want to look beautiful and lose weight, do not heat it up and choose raw cabbage for consumption. 

Other precautions 

Cabbage can be replaced with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, or celery. Mushrooms and fungi cannot be used as substitutes. Tofu can only be eaten around 150 grams per day. Try not to use sugar and oil when conditioning. Don't delay dinner until after 8 pm. Try to walk more than 10000 steps a day. Stress can lead to binge eating and drinking, so try to find ways to relieve stress. Release or divert attention. Pay attention to controlling the amount of alcohol consumed. Try to quit smoking as much as possible.

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