Is nasopharyngeal carcinoma a curable disease?

Is nasopharyngeal carcinoma a curable disease?

Nasopharyngeal cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the nasal cavity. It is a disease that can directly threaten the life of patients. For the sake of their own safety, patients are actively seeking the best way to treat nasopharyngeal cancer. Many patients also ask, can graduation be completely cured? Please refer to the answer below for this question. 

Is nasopharyngeal carcinoma a curable disease 

1. The anatomical position is unique. 

The location of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is relatively concealed, with a vertical diameter of only 5.5cm~6.0cm, resembling a rectangular cavity of a small matchbox. The posterior wall is the cervical vertebrae, and the top wall is the skull base. The rupture hole includes the sublingual, glossopharyngeal, vagus, accessory nerves, and important arteries and veins entering and exiting the skull cavity. Nasopharyngeal cancer can also invade the skull as a result, with large arteries, veins, and lymphoid tissue on both sides of the wall. 

2. The rapid development of lesions brings difficulties and limitations to surgery. 

The cancer site of nasopharyngeal carcinoma can expand upwards into the middle cranial fossa, damaging many cranial nerves and metastasizing to deep upper cervical lymph nodes. The metastasis rate can reach up to 60% to 80%, and it can also metastasize to both the skull and neck, as well as to distant liver. 

3. The radiotherapy effect is good. 

Nasopharyngeal cancer is sensitive to radiation therapy. If radiation therapy is chosen, the 5-year survival rate of patients can reach 49.5%. In addition, radiotherapy has the advantages of maintaining the original structure of the nasal cavity and minimizing trauma. 

From the current medical level, treating nasopharyngeal carcinoma still has certain difficulties, mainly because the location of the cancer is relatively special, which brings considerable difficulty to treatment. So, regarding the question mentioned in the article, can nasopharyngeal carcinoma be completely cured?

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