The etiology and harm of cervical erosion

The etiology and harm of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion disease has a relatively high incidence rate among gynecological diseases, and such diseases are also harmful. Therefore, people should understand the basic knowledge of cervical erosion disease, especially the causes and hazards of cervical erosion disease, so as to help people better prevent cervical erosion disease. 

Several main causes of cervical erosion 

1、 With the continuous development of society, people's thinking and lifestyle are becoming more and more open, and the frequency of sexual activity is greatly increasing. Among them, unclean sexual activity is a major cause of cervical erosion. Due to the fact that most premarital sexual activities are in a secretive state, coupled with the fact that young people generally do not have a stable source of income, they are unable to create a comfortable and clean sexual environment for themselves, resulting in a significantly increased risk of illness. 

2、 In real life, people generally engage in sexual activity too early, and if there are too many partners, it can also easily lead to cervical erosion disease. Most young people nowadays have premarital sexual intercourse, which is caused by premature sexual activity, frequent changes in sexual partners, and excessive sexual intensity, all of which cannot be ignored. 

3、 The quickest way to solve accidents is through induced abortion, but if there are too many induced abortions, it is also a significant cause of cervical erosion that cannot be ignored. Excessive premarital sexual activity and pregnancy can lead to multiple gynecological surgeries such as abortion, diagnostic curettage, and cervical dilation, all of which can cause cervical injury or inflammation, ultimately leading to cervical erosion. 

What harm does cervical erosion bring to everyone? 

1. Causing infertility. When cervicitis occurs, especially when it evolves into erosion, cervical secretions will significantly increase, with a sticky texture and a large amount of white blood cells, which can engulf sperm and reduce their activity, thereby affecting conception. 

2. Causing complications. When suffering from cervical erosion, it can cause inflammation in other organs, such as: the pathogen of cervical erosion can ascend and cause endometritis; Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can be caused by the spread of parametrial ligaments and lymphatic vessels; When inflammation affects the trigone of the bladder, it can cause diseases of the urinary system, leading to irritating symptoms such as painful urination, frequent urination, or difficulty urinating. It can cause deeper lesions due to long-term stimulation of chronic inflammation, which can cause deeper symptoms such as polyps, lacerations, eversion, and cysts. 

3. Causing cervical cancer. Once inflammation occurs in the cervix, it opens up a window for viral infection and can easily lead to cancer. Cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer are collectively known as the "three major gynecological cancers.". 

4. Causing miscarriage. Pregnant women with cervical erosion will experience significant aggravation of cervical erosion and vaginal bleeding as their levels of estrogen and progesterone continue to increase. Although this type of bleeding is not the same as the bleeding caused by natural abortion and does not directly affect fetal development, as long as the bleeding is stopped in time, normal pregnancy can still continue. However, if not treated in a timely manner, it can affect the resistance of pregnant women and cause genital infections. Ultimately, it leads to premature rupture of membranes and loss of amniotic fluid, affecting the normal growth and development of the fetus, and miscarriage is inevitable. 

Experts remind people that only by understanding the causes of cervical erosion in daily life can they better prevent and treat cervical erosion. The occurrence of cervical erosion does bring many hazards to patients, so actively taking preventive measures is crucial. May every woman stay away from this disease.

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