What are the common hazards of cervical erosion?

What are the common hazards of cervical erosion?

Women should pay attention to their physical changes and the occurrence of some diseases. Cervical erosion is one of them, and the harm of this disease is significant. The harm of cervical erosion varies depending on the degree. After suffering from cervical erosion, it is important to seek timely treatment at a regular hospital. What are the common hazards of cervical erosion? 

1. Causing complications 

After suffering from cervical erosion, it may affect surrounding normal tissues and organs, leading to inflammation of other organs. Because under long-term stimulation of chronic inflammation, deeper lesions can occur, leading to other cervical diseases. 

2. Causing miscarriage 

Pregnant women with cervical erosion may experience significant and severe symptoms as their levels of estrogen and progesterone increase, and may also experience vaginal bleeding. If left untreated, it can also lead to genital infections and result in miscarriage. 

3. Causing infertility 

One of the common hazards of cervical erosion is leading to infertility. Cervical erosion, due to the high and viscous secretion of the cervix, makes it difficult for sperm to pass through, affecting their motility and hindering their entry into the uterine cavity to form a fertilized egg. White blood cells in cervical secretions can also engulf sperm, leading to infertility. 

4. Causing cervical cancer 

According to relevant surveys, the incidence rate of cervical cancer in patients with cervical erosion is significantly higher than that of ordinary people. Especially for patients with severe cervical erosion, timely treatment is necessary to cure cervical erosion and reduce the risk of cancer. 

For women, the common harm of cervical erosion is very serious, which may cause lifelong regret and the inability to have children. So in daily life, it is important to take preventive measures against cervical erosion to prevent such diseases from occurring and causing harm to physical health.

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